Regina Cortina, “Civil Society Advocating for Change: The Case of Mexicanos Primero

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March 1, 2016 by cfmsc

You can now watch our Mexican Monday with Regina Cortina, which took place on February 29th 2016.

What are the challenges of advocacy organizations within the field of education? Regina Cortina will examine this question through the case of Mexicanos Primero, an education civil society organization (CSO) that promotes the right to education. Mexicanos Primero demands accountability from public authorities in their use of public funds allocated for public education, and it is the first organization in Mexico to use legal resources—class action suits, injunctions, and appeals—to protect the constitutional right to education in Mexico.
Regina Cortina is a Professor of Education in the Department of International and Transcultural Studies, Teacher’s College, Columbia University. Since 2009, she has coordinated this Department’s Program in International and Comparative Education. Her latest book, The Education of Indigenous Citizens in Latin America (Multilingual Matters, 2014), describes unprecedented changes in education across Latin America that resulted from the endorsement of Indigenous people’s rights through the development of intercultural and bilingual education.

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